What is gpm™?

gpm™, or Goverment Property Maintenance, is your new solution to public property maintenance. This platform streamlines cross-department communication and communication with your constituents in one simple to use web-based platform.

gpm™ helps to promote conscientious usage and environmental stewardship of public or private land by developing a standardized process that encourages participation and minimizes the typical procedural roadblocks that would otherwise stall or prevent effective land maintenance. Developed by NOBEL Systems, this platform assists government agencies as they deal with budgetary restrictions, manpower reduction and increased public interest in environmental and financial concerns.

By geographically mapping issues in a municipality, city officials can make decisions on a more informed and more efficient level, creating a community of action through both mobile and desktop platforms. Using gpm™ allows officials to detect problem patterns and areas in order to direct resources with strategy; saving time, money and manpower.

gpm™ means your problems are solved

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